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Everything you need to feel the Ice Cold Air in your car again.


Make sure your breaks are in great shape, so you don't have to worry about running red light again.

Tires & Suspension

Get the right size tires, make sure everything with the suspension is all right and enjoy greater gas millage.  

Engines & Transmissions

We can repair, fix, swap or replace your engine and transmission for a better one. Keep your vehicle running for the million miles ahead.

Wiring & Electrical

All these modern cars with all the fancy gadgets and electrical sensors. Guess what? - They break as well. Every once in a while you will need a professional wiring and electrical expert to fix the problem. 

Preventive and Scheduled Maintenance

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". We perform everything your vehicle needs to keep it out of harms way and prevent any major repairs.

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An expert working in our auto repair shop in Las Vegas, NV

"Work Hard, Be Honest and Never Look at Your Clock." - Sonia Anton 

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Why overpay for more, when you can get better quality for less? 

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Make you feel at home, knowing that your car is in good hands. Getting Better!